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Clarity Coaching was founded by Shawn Brodof, author of The Termite Effect - 25 Common Business Mistakes and Their Hidden Consequences and Adjunct Professor at Catawba College Ketner School of Business.


Shawn is a consummate entrepreneur, business coach, and consultant who successfully started four businesses while accumulating over fourteen years experience working for Fortune 500 financial institutions. Clarity Coaching's clients are well-served as he leverages his unique experience and diverse perspective to help business owners improve their personal and business effectiveness.


Running his own business is a trait Shawn inherited from his grandparents who opened a restaurant in 1941 and operated it for almost fifty years. He saw first hand the dedication and commitment it takes to succeed in your own business. Shawn also witnessed the personal satisfaction in being your own boss and having responsibility for all aspects of the business. That level of satisfaction is rarely achieved working for someone else.


In his various roles in Corporate America, Shawn has been described as a high capacity problem-solver well-versed in the tools required to process vast amounts of information in order to achieve well-informed solutions. He has proven experience in: project and process management, root cause analysis, relationship management, marketing, e-commerce, business development, process improvement, and financial modeling.


Shawn is active in the community conducting training workshops and seminars on a variety of business-related topics (see Workshops) He is also available as a keynote speaker for civic groups, trade organizations, and professional associations. His latest project is his second book tentatively titled, The No Regrets Principle.


Shawn Brodof

Clarity Coaching named Small Business of the Year 2011 by The Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce


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