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The Business owner Boot CampTM

The Business Owner Boot CampTM is a five-step, full-day, high octane session designed for business owners who would like to take advantage of our coaching system but are unable to invest the time on an ongoing basis that most coaching is conducted. It provides a heavily concentrated dose of many of our most effective coaching tools.


Step 1 - Your day starts with our powerful strategic planning tool, The Big Picture ConversationTM, where we dive into your long-term goals (both personal and business) and work backwards to determine what needs to be accomplished in the short-term in order to march toward your long-term vision.


Step 2 - We then conduct a comprehensive assessment of your business via our Business Effectiveness Evaluation (BEE) tool. This end-to-end analysis includes marketing, sales, customer service, work/life balance, leadership, human resources, financial management and your business systems.


Step 3 - Next, we conduct an in-depth review of your financial performance using the Fintel® Financial Analysis Tool. This tool provides valuable information that allows you to benchmark your organization by comparing it to thousands of similar businesses. The information gleamed from this report provides you with an infinite amount of insight into potential areas of attention.


Step 4 - The fourth component of the Camp is the completion and review of your Extended Disc® Behavioral Profile Analysis. This tool provides insight into your natural behavioral style. Along with getting to know yourself better, this assessment allows for a better understanding of how you should deal with others.


Step 5 - The day ends with The Clarity Coaching GameplanTM, an intense action plan development session where we aggregate all of the findings from the day and develop a robust Action Plan for you to execute on after leaving the session.


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"Inside every successful business person is an even more ambitious one trying to get out. He or she just needs a little help."
– Someone To Watch Over You, Australian Financial Review

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