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The Situation:

  • General contracting firm, new to the market, struggling to generate new business in a very difficult economic environment particularly for the construction industry.

The Process:

  • Performed a Business Effectiveness Evaluation on the company to determine what areas, other than marketing, required immediate attention.

  • Conducted financial analysis to identify markets which yielded the highest profit margins. This also uncovered areas to reduce some of the firm’s fixed costs.

  • Completed Marketing Strategy Intensive, which resulted in a shift in marketing resources to focus on their most profitable market niche. Also included a plan to develop strategic referral partnerships with other service providers in complementary businesses.

The Result:

  • Developed a cohesive marketing plan for client to follow.

  • Reduced some fixed costs.

  • Established a contact management system to insure follow-up with prospects.

  • Implemented a more consistent sales process.

  • Created a plan to redesign firm’s website.


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"The benefits of coaching appear to win over even the most cynical clients within just a few weeks."
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