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The Termite Effect, Shawn Brodof

Written by Clarity Coaching founder, Shawn Brodof, The Termite Effect is an important resource for business owners, entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and managers seeking ways to improve their odds of success. Brodof presents twenty-five common business mistakes while offering practical strategies to avoid them as well as arming the reader with solutions for fixing those that may already exist within your business. Click here to view the complete Recommended Reading List from The Termite Effect.


The E-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber

This is a must-read for all business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals. The insights into the three personalities – entrepreneur, manager and technician are timeless and priceless. After reading about the turn-key revolution you will not look at your business the same again. The business development process ties all of the concepts together.

The Sandler Rules, David Mattson

This is a great introduction to The Sandler Sales System. The book offers forty-nine Sandler selling principles in an easy-to-read format that will change the way you sell forever.

Industry Transformers, Dan Sullivan

If you want to think outside the box, this book is for you. It outlines how nine Strategic Coach clients transformed their industry with innovative “Unique Processes”.

Business By The Book, Larry Burkett

This is a must-read for any Christian business owners who want to employ biblical principles to run their business. Concepts covered include: hiring and firing decisions, the use of business debt, management selection, goal-setting, the importance of seeking counsel, employee pay decisions and retirement.

Guerrilla Marketing, Jay Levinson

Another small business classic! If you want to learn hundreds of easy and inexpensive marketing strategies, read this!

Duct Tape Marketing, John Jantsch

This is a how-to-guide to develop and implement a simple, effective and affordable approach to your marketing efforts.


Anything by Jeffrey Gitomer – Social BOOM!, The Sales Bible, Little Red Book of Selling, Little Green Book of Getting Your Way


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