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The Lost Art of Listening: How Your Listening Skills May be killing your business

It's been said that no one ever listened themselves out of a sale and your mother told you, "there's a reason God gave you two ears and one mouth!"


This workshop is designed to reintroduce the lost art of listening to business owners, sales professionals and corporate employees and help them apply the principles to their daily activities.


Some of the topics discussed in this workshop include:

  • How poor listening impacts your business.

  • How to break bad listening habits.

  • Communication modalities.

  • How to become a relaxed listener.

  • The parameters of a good sales call.

  • Missed buying signals.

  • The importance of seeking and listening to the right counsel.

  • Numerous tips from experts to improve your listening skills.

Contact us for more details or to book us to present The Lost Art of Listening at your next staff or sales meeting. We are also available to present to civic organizations and trade groups.

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