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The Mastermind Group ExperienceTM

DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU WORK ON AN ISLAND? No one to collaborate with? No one to brainstorm with? No one to commiserate with?


How would you and your business be impacted if you surrounded yourself with other like-minded, success-seeking business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals?


Benefits include:

Brainstorm with your peers, access to a powerful support group, receive honest and frank feedback, hold each other accountable, develop a competitive advantage, gain a fresh perspective and set yourself up for success.


How does The Mastermind Group ExperienceTM work?

  • The objective of the group is to help each member achieve their stated goals.

  • Groups are limited to 4-6 members from non-competing industries.

  • Meetings are held twice a month for 90-120 minutes.

  • Each member is given “air time” to discuss successes since the last meeting and articulate one or two important issues that they would like input on from the group.

  • Members are encouraged to develop an action plan for the coming weeks to achieve their stated goals.

  • You will be held accountable to the group and challenged to reach your goals.

  • Meetings are facilitated by a Clarity coach who follows up with you during the off weeks to help you stay on track.

  • Occasionally, the group will read a business book together and discuss during the sessions.

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See What Others Are Saying
". . . no two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be linkened to a third mind."
– Napoleon Hill describing why mastermind groups work.

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