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The Marketing Strategy IntensiveTM

When was the last time you evaluated your marketing strategies?

The Marketing Strategy IntensiveTM is a systematic and thorough review of your marketing efforts. We walk you through a unique, six-step process of evaluation, planning, implementation and tracking. At the end of "The Intensive", you will possess a marketing roadmap and a robust implementation plan.

Step #1 - The MSI Conversation: The first step in our process is a consultative meeting to discuss your current marketing efforts, your goals, challenges and opportunities.

Step #2 - The MSI Assessment: During this step, we organize and analyze your current marketing plan and evaluate its effectiveness.

Step #3 The MSI Roadmap: After the Assessment step, we develop a roadmap for you to follow within the confines of your stated marketing budget.

Step #4 The MSI Implementation Plan: Developing a plan is only half the job. During this step of the process, we develop an easy-to-execute plan of attack to implement the roadmap developed in Step #3.

Step #5 The MSI Progress Tracker: This step entails a 30, 60 and 90-day follow-up meeting with your Coach to review your progress against the Roadmap and Implementation Plan.

Step #6 The MSI Check-up: We will schedule a final, wrap-up meeting with your Coach either at the six-month or the one-year mark following the implementation of your MSI Roadmap to insure you are on track to succeed.

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"Having someone hold you accountable is tough, but it works."
– Rick Warren

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