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Got Rudder?

"Got Rudder?" is an interactive, information-packed session during which we share with our audience a technique to maintain and sustain their motivation, drive and focus despite the influence of outside forces.


The audience is taken on a journey to determine where their passionate and enthusiasm lies. We link that to their level of motivation, drive and focus. We help them reevaluate their current situation, if these components are missing, and crystallize their situation if things are going well.


They are walked through a rigorous goal-setting exercise at the end of which they have identified several long-term goals (business or personal). We then help them identify and capture opportunities that may currently be available while identifying and learning to leverage their personal strengths in doing so.


This part of the presentation ends with an exercise to develop an action plan to attain the goals they set forth.


Fresh off the goal-setting module, we conclude "Got Rudder?" with a discussion surrounding a Top 10 List of Effective Time Management Techniques with a special emphasis on “getting things out of your head”.


The sessions are facilitated to encourage vigorous discussion among the participants. The desired outcome from "Got Rudder?" is for the participants to leave refreshed and rejuvenated with a renewed sense of purpose and a plan to achieve the goals articulated during the session.


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"Always make your future bigger than your past."
– Dan Sullivan

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