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The 5 Types of Decision-Makers

In my business coaching practice, I have come across all types of decision-makers. Which one sounds most like you?

  1. Follower - The follower typically refuses to or is unwilling to make decisions. You will rarely find a business owners or entrepreneur who falls in this category simply because followers are better suited to working for others from whom they can take orders. Followers who find themselves in an entrepreneurial venture might want to consider bringing on a partner who can lead the organization while the entrepreneur continues filling his role with the company.
  2. Waffler - The waffler is capable of making decisions but the problem is his decisions rarely stick. He changes his mind often and those who work with and for him never know when a decision is worth the effort to follow? Those of you who identify themselves as this type of decision-maker should surround yourself with others who are empowered to make decisions.
  3. Arrogant/Quick Trigger/Know-it-all – Beware of this type of decision-maker. While there are times when this type is necessary in a given situation, rarely are they pleasant to work for.
  4. Paralysis by Analysis -  This decision-maker never gets around to making a decision because they spend so much time analyzing data to support their future, never-to-be-made-decision. Whereas the Waffler actually makes decisions, the Analyzer never gets around to it.
  5. Combination - The fifth and final type of decision-maker is a combination of the other four types wherein you take the best of each and apply them to your decision making.
  • The willingness of The Follower to listen to others.
  • The ability of The Waffler to change their mind if circumstances necessitate.
  • The confidence of The Arrogant/Quick Trigger/Know-it-all.
  • The data collection ability of The Paralysis by Analysis decision-maker.

Determine where your current decision making style falls and make a commitment to improving your style for the benefit of your business, your family and your staff.

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