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Who Says You Can’t Do That?

I recently conducted a workshop called Marketing 101: A Shot of Espresso. It is designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs reevaluate their marketing efforts and provide them with ideas that they can implement for their business.

During this particular session, I told the group that each day I make two, value-added posts to both of my Twitter and Facebook accounts (Clarity Coaching and my book, The Termite Effect). A woman in the front of the room said, “that’s a lot!” My reply to her was “who says that’s a lot?”

I told her that, based on her response, she had already talked herself out of social media as part of her marketing plan. She agreed.

What I witnessed that morning was a perfect example of self-sabotage or self-limiting beliefs. How many of you talk yourself out of stuff before you even get started? It’s sad when you think about it. How many dreams or ideas have you let go by the wayside simply because you thought it would be too difficult?

Honestly, there is enough negativity in the world to keep most of us down as it is. Why would you allow yourself to be another barrier or obstacle to doing something new and exciting?

Next time that little voice inside your head says, “that will be hard” or “you can’t do that” stop what you are doing and say out loud, “WHO SAYS I CAN’T DO THAT?” Warning: You must say this out loud or it does not work!

Just like when you are dealing with a bully, once someone shows their willingness to stand up for themselves, they usually back down. Push back on the self-sabotage and self-limiting bully.

Try this technique for a few weeks and let me know how it goes. |

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