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Idea Journal

Over the years, I noticed that many of the people I respect most maintain the habit of journaling. Some of them capture their thoughts in prayer journals while others use it as a diary of sorts. Personally, I started journaling about five years ago. I fill mine mostly with observations about life, work and politics along with a healthy dose of my favorite quotes.

Last year, I gave my oldest child a blank notebook. On the outside cover I wrote, “Idea Journal”. I wanted her to have a place to capture her creative ideas which, at that point, ranged from a new tee-shirt design for her school, an advertising idea for a local soccer club and a drink cart at the beach. My assumption is that, if she continues to journal for a period of years, at some point, one of her ideas will pay for my nursing home bill.

On a serious note, I believe all of us are gifted with some level of creativity, however, I also believe that the majority of people squander this gift. The simple habit of jotting down your thoughts and ideas over time can end up being a treasure-trove of future wisdom. If it never serves you, perhaps the next generation will be the beneficiary.

Regardless of your station in life: student, employee, entrepreneur, stay-at-home-parent, dreamer, I encourage you to develop the habit of capturing your observations and ideas in a journal of some sort (regardless how insignificant they seem to be). Commit to reviewing your writings periodically as that process will encourage your mind to build on your old ideas and help you identify new opportunities in the marketplace. |

Shawn Brodof
President and Head Coach of Clarity Coaching

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