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Do You Carry Donkeys?

Do you spend time concerned with what other people think about you? I recently came across an expression and a story both of which display the futility of doing such:

At 20 years old you wonder what other people think about you.

At 40 you don’t care what they think.

At 60 you realize that no one was thinking about you all along.


A grandfather and his grandson are going into town.  The grandson is riding the donkey and the grandfather is walking.  They passed two people walking in the other direction. As they passed, they heard them say, “look at that inconsiderate young man riding the donkey while his grandfather walks”.  So they switched places.

Someone else passed them and said, “look at that mean old man, making the little kid walk while he rides”.

Then they both got on the donkey and the next person said, “look at those two inconsiderate people weighing down that donkey”.

So they entered town carrying the donkey.

How many donkeys have you carried recently? |

Shawn Brodof
President and Head Coach of Clarity Coaching

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