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Seven Characteristics of a Successful Personality

I just finished reading the classic self-help book Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. He outlines the following seven characteristics of a successful personality:

#1 – Sense of direction – Be goal-driven, always looking forward, always striving for something.

#2 – Understanding – Focus on your communication skills. Realize that people react to things based on their understanding of a situation. Walk in others’ shoes.

#3 – Courage – Take calculated risks. Standing still is the enemy. Risk failure. Risk being humiliated.

#4 – Charity – Have an interest in and regard for other people. Everyone deserves respect. Think of other’s needs and desires.

#5 – Self-Esteem – A low opinion of yourself is not a virtue, it is a vice. The people who become offended the easiest, have the lowest self-esteem. Low self-esteem breeds jealousy of others. Recognize when you doubt your own worth. Appreciate yourself for who you are. You are unique.

#6 – Confidence – Success breeds success. Remember past successes and forget failures. Learn from failures and move forward.

#7 – Self-Acceptance – Come to terms with who you are. Don’t identify yourself with your mistakes? Tolerate imperfections in yourself but don’t dwell on them. Dr. Maltz explains, we may not be perfect but repeat to yourself,  “I am something and I will make the most of that something”. |

Shawn Brodof
President and Head Coach of Clarity Coaching

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