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John Maxwell's Daily Dozen

I recently read John Maxwell’s Make Today Count. In it he discusses his “Daily Dozen” – a nice reminder for all of us:

  1. Attitude - chose and display the right attitude daily.
  2. Priorities –determine and act on important priorities daily.
  3. Health – know and follow healthy guidelines daily.
  4. Family – communicate with and care for your family daily.
  5. Thinking – practice and develop good thinking daily.
  6. Commitment – make and keep proper commitments daily.
  7. Finances – make and properly manage dollars daily.
  8. Faith – deepen and live out your faith daily.
  9. Relationships – initiate and invest in solid relationships daily.
  10. Generosity – plan for and model generosity daily.
  11. Values – embrace and practice good values daily.
  12. Growth – seek and experience improvements daily. |

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