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Characteristics of Successful Business Owners

How many of these do you possess?

  1. Self-starter
  2. Get along with different types of people
  3. Have a positive outlook
  4. Decisive
  5. Accept responsibility
  6. Enjoy competition (with yourself and your competitors)
  7. Possess will power and self-discipline
  8. You plan ahead and are proactive
  9. You take advice from others
  10. You welcome change and adapt well
  11. You are persistent and persevere
  12. Self-confidence
  13. You enjoy what you do for a living
  14. You are a great sales person (sell yourself and your ideas/products/services)
  15. You work long hours
  16. You possess above average amounts of physical and mental energy
  17. You have the support of your family for your endeavor
  18. You are willing to risk your own capital | |

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