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Andy Stanley's The New Rules for Love, Sex and Dating

As the father of three teenagers I believe Andy Stanley’s new book, The New Rules for Love, Sex and Dating, is a must-read. One of them is currently reading it. The other two will be enjoying Andy’s work over the summer!

I will say this upfront, my wife and I have listened to virtually [...]

Would Christianity Be the Same Today Without the Resurrection?

Would Christianity be the same today if Jesus’ Resurrection had never occurred?

In I Corinthians 15:17, Paul wrote, “And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile; you are still in your sins.” (NIV)

There are many indisputable historical facts about the life of the man, Jesus of Nazareth. For example:

No [...]

Great Companies Have Great Purposes

I am reading John Mackay’s, Conscious Capitalism and came across an interesting discussion on company’s purpose that I want to share with you.

Plato first set forth three transcendent ideals – the Good, the True and the Beautiful. Mackay applies these to companies and added an additional ideal, the Heroic.

Below is a summary of [...]

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

I was cleaning out some bookshelves this weekend and came across All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum. Thought I would share his famous list.

Share everything Play fair Don’t hit people Put things back where you found them Clean up your own mess Don’t take things that aren’t [...]

servant leadership

Five Characteristics of servant leaders:

They are humble and selfless. They are great listeners and empathizers. They provide solutions while others ponder problems. Do not accept nor seek short-term fixes. They are bridge-builders who are more interested in harnessing the power of many  rather than feeding their ego or self-interest.

Adapted from Unstoppable by Nick [...]

Characteristics of Successful Business Owners

How many of these do you possess?

Self-starter Get along with different types of people Have a positive outlook Decisive Accept responsibility Enjoy competition (with yourself and your competitors) Possess will power and self-discipline You plan ahead and are proactive You take advice from others You welcome change and adapt well You are persistent and persevere [...]

Four Assumptions

Four simple assumptions that can help you live a more balanced, integrated life. Excerpt from Stephen Covey’s The 8th Habit

The Body – Assume you have had a heart attack; now live accordingly. The Mind – Assume the half-life of your profession is 2 years; now prepare accordingly. The Heart – Assume everything you say about [...]


Would you believe that four legendary, NFL Hall of Fame coaches had a combined record during their first year of 4-53-1?

Tom Landry – Dallas Cowboys – 1960 record of 0-11-1 Chuck Noll – Pittsburgh Steeler – 1969 record of 1-13 Bill Walsh – San Francisco 49ers – 1979 record of 2-14 Jimmy Johnson [...]

What I Learned from a DirecTV Representative

I recently became a DirecTV customer after many years with Time Warner Cable.  The divergent customer service experience that I encountered with these two companies reinforced a few lessons that I want to share with you.

It all started with a call to DirecTV to cancel my order due to a misunderstanding I had [...]

John Maxwell's Daily Dozen

I recently read John Maxwell’s Make Today Count. In it he discusses his “Daily Dozen” – a nice reminder for all of us:

Attitude – chose and display the right attitude daily. Priorities –determine and act on important priorities daily. Health – know and follow healthy guidelines daily. Family – communicate with and care [...]