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What I Learned from a DirecTV Representative

I recently became a DirecTV customer after many years with Time Warner Cable.  The divergent customer service experience that I encountered with these two companies reinforced a few lessons that I want to share with you.

It all started with a call to DirecTV to cancel my order due to a misunderstanding I had [...]

Opportunities in Customer Service

Recently I was in the market for a new laptop computer.  I found what I was looking for on  Everything was going swimmingly until I hit the button to choose the store location from which I would pick up my new purchase.

I choose the location nearest my home and found out that [...]

Become a Rule Changer

I am a former client of The Strategic Coach Program where I was enrolled for two years.  The most significant thing I learned while attending the program was not to accept the status quo.  They pounded in our head to think bigger and do more!

All of that training came back to me in [...]

On Hold

Have you ever wondered what happens when you put a customer on hold?

A friend of mine shared the following story about a recent shopping experience that may prompt you to think differently about putting customers on hold.

For many months, he had contemplated jumping back into a neglected hobby but he failed to [...]

Booster or Buster

A fellow coach and friend, Kevin Thomas, recently posed a powerful question that I want to expand on. He asked, “Are you a passion booster or a passion buster?”

When you look at your sphere of influence, which one describes you?

Do you build people up or tear them down? Discourage or encourage? Do [...]

Customer Retention - Part III

Given the importance of customer retention outlined in Parts I and II, developing a strategy of renewed focus on your existing customers might be in order.

According to Jay Abraham’s best-seller, Guerrilla Marketing, he argues that business owners should spend the majority of their marketing efforts on existing customers. Here’s how he breaks it [...]

Customer Retention - Part II

To continue our discussion about customer retention, let’s examine why it is often neglected.

Do you suffer from Apathy-After-the-Sale Syndrome? It is a common affliction experienced by business owners and entrepreneurs. The primary symptom is a lack of interest in and focus on current customers. The cause of this ailment is due to our [...]

Customer Retention - Part I

What follows is Part One of a three-part series about customer retention. In this post, we discuss why this is an important topic followed by a discussion about apathy after the sale. The series concludes with a discussion around how to maximize customer retention.

At Clarity Coaching, we argue that, in addition to your [...]

Why Good Waitresses Make Excellent Employees

During a coaching session several months ago,  one of my clients was discussing her staff.  She told me that she first met her most productive employee at a local restaurant where she was waiting tables. Each time my client visited the restaurant she was amazed at how friendly and efficient this particular waitress was.


Firing Customers

As a business coach I find myself helping my clients deal with difficult customers on a regular basis. Sometimes the only logical solution is to fire the customer; however, in a slow economy where every dollar of revenue seems so precious, this is a very difficult decision.

Below is the informal process that I [...]