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What I Learned from a DirecTV Representative

I recently became a DirecTV customer after many years with Time Warner Cable.  The divergent customer service experience that I encountered with these two companies reinforced a few lessons that I want to share with you.

It all started with a call to DirecTV to cancel my order due to a misunderstanding I had [...]

The Parable of Dysfunction

Please refer to Figure 1 for the following parable:

There once was a man named Jacob who worked for a man named Andrew.

One day Andrew’s peer, Ben, asked Jacob to create a new report for him.

Jacob sent a draft to Ben asking for feedback.

Three days later, Jacob received an email from [...]

Why Good Waitresses Make Excellent Employees

During a coaching session several months ago,  one of my clients was discussing her staff.  She told me that she first met her most productive employee at a local restaurant where she was waiting tables. Each time my client visited the restaurant she was amazed at how friendly and efficient this particular waitress was.