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Characteristics of Successful Business Owners

How many of these do you possess?

Self-starter Get along with different types of people Have a positive outlook Decisive Accept responsibility Enjoy competition (with yourself and your competitors) Possess will power and self-discipline You plan ahead and are proactive You take advice from others You welcome change and adapt well You are persistent and persevere [...]


Would you believe that four legendary, NFL Hall of Fame coaches had a combined record during their first year of 4-53-1?

Tom Landry – Dallas Cowboys – 1960 record of 0-11-1 Chuck Noll – Pittsburgh Steeler – 1969 record of 1-13 Bill Walsh – San Francisco 49ers – 1979 record of 2-14 Jimmy Johnson [...]


During a recent visit to a local Toastmaster meeting, I met a member who is being treated for Alzheimers. He was a bit forgetful during the Table Topics portion of the meeting but he got through it.

I spoke to him briefly after the meeting and walked away inspired. Think about it: after death, [...]

Marketing and Popping Popcorn

Last year I wrote a blog post for my book, The Termite Effect, called “Never Stop Marketing“. I believe the message is worth dusting off for you today.

In the post, I referenced an analogy that I heard:

Marketing  is like popping popcorn.

When you cook popcorn in the microwave, [...]