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Characteristics of Successful Business Owners

How many of these do you possess?

Self-starter Get along with different types of people Have a positive outlook Decisive Accept responsibility Enjoy competition (with yourself and your competitors) Possess will power and self-discipline You plan ahead and are proactive You take advice from others You welcome change and adapt well You are persistent and persevere [...]

Seven Characteristics of a Successful Personality

I just finished reading the classic self-help book Psycho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. He outlines the following seven characteristics of a successful personality:

#1 – Sense of direction – Be goal-driven, always looking forward, always striving for something.

#2 – Understanding – Focus on your communication skills. Realize that people react to things based on [...]

Should I Start My Own Business

In challenging economic times such as the ones we are living through today with high unemployment and stagnant growth, many people are contemplating starting their own business.

A friend of mine, who has spent much of his career in Corporate America, recently asked me if I thought he should start his own business rather [...]

Marketing and Popping Popcorn

Last year I wrote a blog post for my book, The Termite Effect, called “Never Stop Marketing“. I believe the message is worth dusting off for you today.

In the post, I referenced an analogy that I heard:

Marketing  is like popping popcorn.

When you cook popcorn in the microwave, [...]

Hitting Singles

Can the old “How-to-Eat-an-Elephant” adage be applied to achieving your goals? The answer is “absolutely yes“. The elephant adage advises one bite at a time. To reach your goals, I suggest that you focus on hitting singles.

What do all great home run hitters have in common? They strike out a lot! That’s what [...]

Planning, Prioritizing and Executing

Running a business requires three basic skills:

The ability to PLAN The ability to PRIORITIZE The ability to EXECUTE the prioritized plan

Some of us are master planners; able to spend countless hours analyzing alternatives and researching options. Others can look at a To Do List and, within seconds, reorder the items by level of [...]